Merch By Amazon Account Creation Service Terms And Conditions

  • We will deliver the access to the account created via email.
  • No refunds available due to the personalised nature of the transaction. Each account creation is made to order.
  • If the account gets terminated due to a violation of Amazon's policies, you take full responsibility and no refund will  be issued.
  • Make sure you change the information as soon as possible to prevent your Amazon account from being locked.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your Merch By Amazon account gets terminated due to inactivity. Make sure you upload a design as soon as you receive your account.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your Merch By Amazon account gets terminated due to you violating Merch By Amazon terms.
  • We cannot be held responsible if your account gets locked. This is not a Merch By Amazon issue. It's an issue. You need to contact these emails and and ask them to unlock your account. This has nothing to do with purchasing the account.
  • Don't open the account from a browser that you used before you got the account, especially if you've used it to apply for an account and that account got rejected, or you used it with an account that got terminated. Use a new chrome profile
  • Don't use the same email or phone number that you used with for rejected or terminated account

Make sure you respect these rules and Merch By Amazon rules to keep your account safe. No refund will be issued due to failure of adherence to these rules.
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